Manage who can create Office 365 Groups

Manage who can create Office 365 Groups

Because it's so easy for users to create Office 365 Groups, you aren't inundated with requests to create them on behalf of other people. Depending on your business, however, you might want to control who has the ability to create groups. Why do this?

This article gives you the steps to turn off the ability to create groups in all Office 365 services that use groups: Outlook, Planner, SharePoint, Yammer, and Microsoft Teams.

Yammer and Office 365 Groups

Yammer and Office 365 Groups

Yammer now integrates with Office 365 Groups. This means that group experiences in Yammer will get access to Office 365 services, such as SharePoint Online, OneNote and Planner.

Yammer and Office 365 Groups
Yammer has begun to integrate into the Office 365 Groups service for networks that meet the eligibility criteria detailed below.

Modern classroom collaboration with Office 365 for Education

Modern classroom collaboration with  Office 365 for Education

New innovations in Office 365 for Education

With more than 100 million active users, Office 365 empowers individuals, teams and entire organizations to communicate and collaborate. Office 365 for Education builds on this foundation and adds education-specific innovations like the OneNote Class Notebook and Learning Tools—creating the most complete, intelligent and secure service for teaching and learning.

5 interesting ways to use OneNote

Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the world, with products that span nearly every tech based need. One of the more popular offerings coming out of Redmond is cloud based Office 365. There are a number of useful programs associated with Office 365, one being the note and collaboration centric OneNote.

5 office uses of OneNote

Microsoft Office is the world's most popular office productivity suite. The cloud based version, Office 365, is quickly becoming the go-to solution for small to medium businesses. One of the reasons for this is the stellar programs that come with it which allow for increased productivity and collaboration.

5 ways to use OneNote in the office

Office 365 is quickly becoming one of the more popular Microsoft products available today. Because it is backed by cloud based technology, many of the useful Office programs have been functionally extended beyond traditional means. One such program is Microsoft OneNote which enables users to take notes and collaborate.