Cloud Productivity in Healthcare: Executives

Cloud Productivity in Healthcare: Executives

This week, our blog series focuses on Cloud Productivity in the Healthcare system. Todays blog will focus specifically on CxOs (Executives), but be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming blog on healthcare IT professionals.

Executives in the healthcare industry face many challenges, including reducing costs, increasing revenue, and streamlining services and operations on small and large scales.

Office 2016 for Mac is here

Office 2016 for Mac is here

For Mac users who have been waiting with great anticipation, Office 2016 for Mac is finally available. The new version is worth the wait; Microsoft has implemented exciting new upgrades to improve the user experience. Office 2016 possesses far superior functionality and user interface than its predecessor, Office 2011. We’ve highlighted some of the new features of Microsoft Office’s core applications and cloud-based services that you need to be aware of.

Collaboration at the heart of Office 2016

Collaboration at the heart of Office 2016

Office 2016 has arrived, and it brings with it an array of new features and touched-up existing elements, all designed to make your business more productive. At the heart of those efforts is a renewed focus on collaboration, with features to enable your teams to communicate, share documents and work together more smoothly.

iPhone now has Microsoft Office app

The mobile device has become a must-have for business owners, managers and employees. One of the reasons mobile devices are so popular is because of the apps that enable us to do nearly everything on the phone. For Apple iPhone users, there has been an app sorely missing: An official Microsoft Office app.

Microsoft releases Office app for iPhone

There are a number of important tools that business owners, managers and employees use on a regular basis. One of the increasingly important tools is the mobile phone. Many people have come to rely on Apple's iPhone but one issue is that it has never worked that well with Microsoft's Office.

iPhone gets Microsoft Office app

One of the most important business tools used by businesses and employees in nearly every position, is the mobile phone. One reason smartphones are so popular is that the apps enable users to do pretty much everything. iPhone users have multiple document related apps, but an official Microsoft Office app has always been lacking.

Office 2013 a tale of many versions

At the end of January Microsoft released the much-awaited Office 2013. This release comes in two versions: Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365. Office 2013 is the more traditional version of Office that you would buy at stores, while Office 365 is following a subscription based system.

Overview of Office 2013’s 6 versions

There is little doubt as to the most popular office production suite. Microsoft Office has been the program of choice for almost two decades and shows no sign of giving this status up in the near future. In late January Microsoft officially released Office 2013, and as usual released numerous versions aimed at meeting the needs of different users.