Modern classroom collaboration with Office 365 for Education

Modern classroom collaboration with  Office 365 for Education

New innovations in Office 365 for Education

With more than 100 million active users, Office 365 empowers individuals, teams and entire organizations to communicate and collaborate. Office 365 for Education builds on this foundation and adds education-specific innovations like the OneNote Class Notebook and Learning Tools—creating the most complete, intelligent and secure service for teaching and learning.

Cloud Productivity in Government: Government Leaders

Cloud Productivity in Government: Government Leaders

This week’s 3-part blog series will focus on Cloud productivity in government. In today’s blog, we will focus on how government leaders can use the Cloud to be more productive.

Government leaders face many challenges today that can be solved with Cloud-based services, notably Microsoft Office 365 and the incredible amount of tools that come with it.

10 Office 365 features you need to know about

10 Office 365 features you need to know about

So you’ve been using Office 365 for you business for quite some time now. But did you know there are a few nifty features that you can use to make work just a little bit easier? From cutting down tedious tasks to getting work done with multiple people at the same time, Office 365 has got you covered.

Add-ins give Office new life

Add-ins give Office new life

The functionality of Microsoft Office has yet to be beaten. And while it is known for its straightforward productivity, there are quite a few add-ins for your favorite Office application that just might improve your experience further. Whether you want to add a cool infographic to an Excel spreadsheet or need to set an Uber reminder from Outlook, here are four add-ins that can help change the way you use Office.

Data validation and Excel

One of the more popular Office 365 programs is Excel, largely because it allows business users to carry out a wide variety of tasks. These tasks vary from basic finances all the way up to advanced data tracking. Because of this, Excel has a number of features to make entering data easier.

Excel’s data validation

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most popular offerings from the well known software giant. With cloud based versions of popular Office programs like Excel, businesses can create nearly any type of document. Excel has a number of useful features that make entering or manipulating data easier, for example data validation.

Data validation in Excel

Office 365 offers a number of popular programs including Microsoft Excel which has long been an important program in any business. With features that allow users to track data, finances or even create tables, businesses rely on it. A popular function that is found in Excel is data validation, which could be useful in many different situations.

How to modify Excel’s pivot table

When it comes to office software, many managers and business owners would be lost without the spreadsheet. Spreadsheets serve numerous uses and can help most managers track data and information. The most popular spreadsheet program is Excel which has many powerful features like the pivot table; a great way to quickly summarize data.

Enhance my pivot table

Excel is a common business tool that is used in an uncountable number of ways. Some spreadsheets are short, maybe one or two columns and 20 rows. Others can consist hundreds if not thousands of cells. When they get this big, it can be tough to quickly summarize or compare data.