[5/5] – The insider guide to working smarter, not harder

Getting more done in less time is something that we all aim to achieve. But the key to productivity is understanding how to work smarter instead of harder. In recent blogs, we’ve highlighted proven productivity methods to help you and your team operate more efficiently, including:

The Pomodoro Technique: Meet deadlines while avoiding burnout.

[3/5] – Work smarter, not harder: The Bullet Journal

Real productivity is about more than staying busy. It requires intention and effective follow-through. Likewise, building a successful cloud practice takes great focus and discipline. To help partners help their clients achieve greatness through digital transformation, we’re highlighting a popular productivity method created by designer Ryder Carroll: the Bullet Journal.

Empathy: the vital foundation for workplace success

A new kind of mantra
According to Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, the ability to understand and feel what others experience is critical to the work of technology giants like Microsoft. At an event in November, while discussing his book, "Hit Refresh", Satya explained:
“…one of the things that I’ve come to realise is, if I look at what is Microsoft’s core business, it is about being able to meet the unmet and unarticulated needs of customers and there is just no way we are going to be able to succeed in doing that if we don’t have that deep sense of empathy.

How to use Microsoft Teams ?

We are pleased to share in this blog our webinar of March 2nd on "How to use Microsoft Teams?".

Microsoft Teams is a new solution specifically designed for team collaboration. Although it shares some of the features of Yammer and Skype, Teams brings unique and great new features to your applications.

Webinar : Dalikoo, a Cloud-based customer and document management platform compatible with Office 365

Dalikoo is a Cloud-based customer and document management platform compatible with Office 365

Dalikoo is more than just a tool – One place for your Sales, Operations, and Finance teams to collaborate on projects and programs

Powerful all inclusive CRM that manages leads, contacts, organizations, partners, vendors and suppliers.

8 ways to successfully lead your mobile workforce

For many of us, the rise of the remote workforce comes as no surprise. For years now, office workers have been abandoning their desks in favor of settings that are farther afield and allow them to work in a more comfortable, and often more productive, environment.