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Office 365 Advanced Cloud Email Solutions – powered by Mimecast

In a traditional on-premises Exchange environment organizations have options. They can pick best of breed security, archiving, business continuity and data redundancy. For all its strengths, Office 365 doesn’t offer the same level of choice. The idea of Office 365 Advanced Email Solutions is to combine the benefits of Office 365 with the choice and control of Exchange on-premises.

We offer a rich set of cloud services that integrates with Office 365 to meet the specific needs of Office 365 customers. These Services for Office 365 include:

  • High Availability Email Gateway for Office 365 : Assure email availability during unplanned outages. Organizations that consider email as a mission critical service can rapidly switch email delivery from Office 365 to Mimecast in the event of an outage and verse versa.
  • Broad Spectrum Email Security for Office 365 -Protect against widespread threats. Pairing Microsoft and Mimecast security services means organizations can protect themselves in the cloud with appropriate technologies regardless of individual security vendor roadmaps.
  • Journal Archiving for Office 365 - A secure, independent and immutable email archive in the cloud. This service is for some organizations, particularly in the enterprise space that want alternatives to help mitigate the risk of holding their data with a single vendor.
  • Legacy Archive Data Management for Office 365 - Rapid transition of historic email data into a single cloud archive. This service allows historical archive content to be rapidly transitioned into the Mimecast Archive and made available alongside current archive data - accessible to users and discovery workers to support productivity, eDiscovery, and meeting compliance needs.
  • Large File Send for Office 365 - Make email attachment size limits irrelevant. Mimecast Large File Send works seamlessly with Office 365, routing attachments via the Mimecast Cloud rather than through Office 365, and makes sending and receiving large files as easy as attaching them to an email and hitting send.
  • Federated Enterprise Services for Office 365 - Complex enterprise email administration, routing and policy control. This service is designed for large enterprises with extremely complex organizational structures and, by implication, for whom deployment of a solution like Office 365 can be anything but straightforward.

We offer a full-service email solution that you can rely on. If you are looking to learn more about how we can help:

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