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Why Yammer Enterprise

Achieve More with Your Enterprise Social Network

More than eight million users and the majority of Fortune 500 companies agree: Yammer transforms the way you and your company does business through open collaboration and communication

2 Reasons to Invest in Yammer Enterprise:

1 ) Rise in adoption, resulting in innovation. Forrester Analyst, Rob Koplowitz, reported that almost half of all organizations in the U.S. have invested in enterprise social applications, such as Yammer (1). And the majority of CIOs (66 percent) from top performing organizations saw collaboration as a key to driving innovation (2).
2) Award-winning product, Gartner Leaders Quadrant. Yammer was awarded a top position in Gartner’s Leaders Quadrant for the ability to execute and completeness of vision. Gartner recommended Yammer as an enterprise social tool because of “a strong focus on user-friendly, cloud-based, mobile-first, social networking capabilities” (3).
(1) Koplowitz, R. (2012). The Forrester Wave: Activities Streams, Q2 2012. Forrester Research. (2) IBM. (2011). IBM global CIO study. (3) Drakos, N., Mann, J., Sarner, A. (2012). Magic Quadrant for social software in the workplace. Gartner

Yammer Enterprise Plans

When choosing the right Enterprise Social Network plan for your team or company, it is important to consider collaboration, IT, and overall business operational needs and requirements. The following outlines the benefits and differences between Yammer Enterprise plans.


Yammer Basic
Network on your devices anywhere, anytime


Yammer Enterprise
Network with advanced support,security, administration, and integration.

Gain business and company culture insights with conversations, user profiles, Inbox, feeds, and more
Collaborate with coworkers regardless of location by working in Groups, sharing files, co-editing content, and more.
Work on-the-go with Yammer mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
Streamline processes with popular business applications integrations, including Klout, GitHub, and Zendesk.
Secure your network with administrative tools like network configuration, user management, and more.
Collaborate with outside vendors and partners to share information, manage projects, and crowdsource ideas on secure external Yammer networks.
Reduce administration time with advanced integrations like SharePoint, Single Sign-On, and Company Directory Sync.
Save IT resources with the ability to autonomously authorize and manage apps for internal and external Yammer networks.
Access the Customer Success Center and membership in the Yammer Customer Network, as well as 24/7 support.

Yammer Enterprise
+ SharePoint Plan 1
Enable users to share, manage, and search for information and resources


Yammer Enterprise +
SharePoint Plan 2
Enable rich forms, enhanced data visualization, publishing of Access databases and hosted Visio diagrams.

Includes all Yammer Enterprise benefits

Share ideas, content, and files with your internal team and external networks using OneDrive Pro and communities.
Improve project management with team sites, team notebooks, and site mailboxes.
Find answers faster using SharePoint’s search capabilities.
Eliminate dependency on third party administrators by easily building or downloading apps for SharePoint right from the SharePoint store.
Reduce search time for content and data from across all enterprise applications and devices in Yammer’s comprehensive search engine, Enterprise Search.
Protect all organizational content and data through audits and E-Discovery, ACM, and Compliance.
Ensure thorough Business Intelligence by accessing, analyzing, and collaborating with Excel Services, PowerPivot, and PowerView.
Save administration time with Yammer integrations with Visio Services, Form Based Application, and Business Connectivity Services.

"There’s no question that Yammer has helped us reduce the time it takes to go from new idea or call to action to execution. It accelerates innovation."

Gregory North
Vice President of Business Transformation

"Yammer makes it possible for us to act faster on product improvements based on what our guests want. This is competitive advantage."

Chris Laping
SVP of Business Transformation & CIO

Achieve More with Yammer Enterprise

Explore the many benefits of Yammer Enterprise today. Visit to purchase the ideal plan for your business needs and goals. If you would like to learn more about Enterprise agreements and other licensing options, please contact Yammer sales at 888-926-7377 or

"Yammer can lead to huge savings and create similarly huge increases in revenue because ideas can be grown collaboratively on Yammer that might not otherwise have been cultivated."

Shomila Malik
Head of Innovation

About Yammer

Yammer ( is a best-in-class Enterprise Social Network used by more than 200,000 organizations worldwide including 85 percent of the Fortune 500 to foster team collaboration, empower employees, drive business agility, and promote organizational connectedness. Yammer’s freemium business model lets customers see the value of Yammer before upgrading to the premium offering. Founded in 2008, Yammer is now part of the Microsoft Office Division.