Ready-to-use intranet for Office 365 and SharePoint

Valo Intranet

Ready-to-use intranet for Office 365 and SharePoint

Looking for a simple intranet at a reasonable and fixed cost? The Valo Intranet is the solution! The right tool for more productive work days.

  • Ready to go: Deploying your intranet has never been easier. Simple to acquire and fun to use
  • Compatible with Office 365: Integrates perfectly with your Office 365 ecosystem. Simply enjoy your digital working environment!
  • Social Intranet: Increase the commitment of your employees by using modern means of communication as well as social and collaborative features.
  • Stay Fresh: Make sure you have a continuously updated intranet. New updates delivered every two months will ensure that your intranet will never be obsolete.

The Valo Intranet is easy to use, quick to deploy and beautiful to navigate.

Our full intranet solution offers a series of preconfigured capabilities so you do not have to reinvent the wheel.

User-Centered Design: User-Centric Design Principles Maximize Efficient and Modern Use for Employees,

Best Practices in Action: The Home Page, Content Pages, Easy Navigation, Footer, Breadcrumb, Drag & Drop Images and more,

A proven information architecture: Valo comes with a default information architecture where we have gathered the best practices from our hundreds of intranet projects. This makes it easy to start planning your own content structure and production,

The Office 365 launch menu: Add your intranet to the Office 365 launch menu to simplify access.

Communicate as you are used to

Communicate with Yammer

Yammer is integrated directly into the Valo intranet, taking on the role of the social component. Tammer ads and praise are part of the intranet experience

Interact with others

Social interactions such as commenting, liking and sharing engage employees and help them share ideas

The Intranet Valo is beautiful on all devices

A brand image that strikes

The Valo Intranet looks like nothing to your standard SharePoint. It is designed to look like your brand without having to code. Choose your logo, colors, shortcuts and titles. Make it yours!

Themes ready for you!

Choose your favorite theme. Each one is totally adapted and can easily represent your brand image without having to code.

Responsive Design

All of our intranet themes are 100% tailored and designed with the mobile experience in mind

Mobile app for IOS and Android

Get notifications about important news and events anywhere, anytime with the Valo app for IOS and Android devices

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