Office 365 Midsize and Enterprise

We work hand and hand with your I.T. department

Office 365 Business

Cloud-IT Easy Readiness

If you have decided to move to Office 365 Business, whether in a hybrid or completely Cloud scenario, our Cloud-IT's Easy Cloud Readinesswill help to ensure your experience of working in the Cloud is as it should be, simple and dependable. Our team will identify and can assist with remedial tasks to ensure your environment facilitates the best experience of Office 365.

  • Desktops – This is the business end of Office 365. If the experience on your desktops is not as intended by Office 365, we can help. Leave the tricky stuff to us.
  • Office Network – Office 365 is designed to be used anywhere. Businesses with good security sense have made use of firewalls, and network appliances that give them access to the resources they need to do business. Our assessment will examine your network(s) and advise of possible bottlenecks or barriers that may impede a “best experience.”
  • Check existing infrastructure – If you have Microsoft Exchange, Lync or SharePoint 2010 running on premises, we can review them and advise on leveraging the systems in a Hybrid scenario.
  • Active Directory and Domain – If you are considering Single-Sign on where your staff can log into Office 365 with their regular domain login, an assessment of your Active Directory can be conducted. Any remedial actions can be identified and planned for.
  • To ensure your staff are productive using Office 365 and to access its services from a dependable environment, make use of our Office 365 Readiness Assessment service.

Cloud-IT Easy Evaluation

How many times have you downloaded trial software and been overwhelmed by the features or been too busy to carry out the “Trial”? The trial period expires and you feel no better informed to make a decision.

Our team will get involved early in the process. After an initial discussion about your business and requirements, we will:

  • Create a trial subscription that is functional.
  • Help you install and configure Office 365 on up to 5 desktops.
  • We will introduce you to the features that best fit your stated business needs, so you can use them for the remainder of the trial.
  • Extend the trial if 30 day’s isn’t enough time.
  • Trial Office 365 with us and make an informed decision.

Cloud-IT Easy Assistance

Our fixed fee Cloud-IT Easy Assistance, is designed for Midsize and Enterprise organizations with their own, experienced IT staff.

Working closely alongside your Project Manager and IT staff, our highly-skilled and award-winning professional team will mentor your Migration Team every step of the way, from planning to post-migration support and training.

Your Cloud-IT Assisted Migrationwill Include:

  • Assist your team to plan the entire migration to ensure business continuity during the migration.
  • Analyze your environment and check your prerequisites for the installation
  • Design the target architecture to fit your environment
  • Deploying the target architecture
  • Pilot migration of a group of users you've selected
  • Provide custom scripts for migrating subsequent group of users
  • Provide support and documentation for your team to install and configure Outlook, Lync, OneDrive and Smartphones for your users
  • Provide your I.T. Staff with Knowledge transfer to help them administer and support the Office 365 environment
  • Provide migration support to your IT staff to manage the migration expectations.


  • Ongoing support for migrating all users to Office 365

Why should you choose our Cloud-IT Easy Assistance?

  • Office 365 Migration Project Management Expertise
  • Office 365 Certified Professional Specialists
  • Smooth transition with low business impact
  • Benefit from our vast experience of tens of thousands of migrations
  • Ensure Migration Project Success
  • Fixed price solution

We've successfully migrated 100's of thousands of users to Office 365 from different platform

  • Exchange Server 2003
  • Exchange Server 2007
  • Exchange Server 2010
  • Exchange Server 2013
  • Google Apps
  • Gmail
  • Novell GroupWise
  • VMware Zimbra
  • IBM Lotus Notes
  • GoDaddy

We've Implemented different deployment methodologies and solutions

Exchange Hybrid Deployment

Exchange Server 2010 or 2013 Hybrid Edition to provide a unified email experience during your Office 365 migration. It enables users with mailboxes in your on-premise Exchange Server environment and users with Exchange Online mailboxes to send, receive, and reply to email regardless of which system is hosting their mailbox

Single Sign-On ADFS Authentication

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) extends on-premise Enterprise Identity Management (Active Directory) Single Sign-On (SSO) with cloud-based service providers such as Office 365 and other SAML services using users existing Active Directory credentials.

Dirsync with Password Synchronization

Dirsync will syncronize passwords from Active Directory on-premises to Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD). This feature feature allows a company to setup Identity Federation and Same SignOn without the need to deploy Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).