1. Begin by going to settings from your home screen, you can do this by pressing the Settings button.

2. Once in the settings, select the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option:


3. Under the sub section Accounts select the Add Account option:


4. From the list of accounts on the Add Account screen, select Exchange:


5. You will now need to put your email address and password in the required fields. Once the settings are put in, click Next:


6. Your iPhone will verify your account settings, then if prompted (in older versions of iOS) make sure you enter the settings in the example below, then click Next:


7. You will then be presented with this screen, which will allow you to select what you want to synchronise between your Office 365 account and your iPhone.


By default, email is enabled, however, you also have the option to synchronise your Contacts and your University Calendar. This ensures that you have a backup of all this information on the Outlook servers. By selecting Contacts or Calendars you will be prompted whether to keep your contacts on your iPhone or not. Make sure you select Keep Contacts / Calendar on iPhone. Once finished, click Save.

8. Now that your email is setup, press the email button from the home screen, and select the University Email account. When you first go into your account you will notice that you have no emails.

It may take a while for emails to come through, after a few moments, your emails should be downloaded from the server: