Other BlackBerry models (wireless)

Wireless Activation

1.     Make a backup of the device. As a security measure, it is better to make a backup in the event that during synchronization with Office 365, former contacts or other should be replaced or lost.

2.     Ensure that the device has the following version: BlackBerry ® Device Software Version 4.0 (Java ®) or higher

3.     From the BlackBerry, go to the site:


and install the "Enterprise Activation" application on the device

4.     Launch the application on the device

5.     Enter the following information:

In Email , enter the email address (ex: alain.tremblay@xxx.com)

In Activation Password, enter the password provided by your administrator or Cloud-it (for example : letter a)

Press the Activate button

6.     Wait for the device to synchronize with Office 365



In some cases and especially when you had an on premise BlackBerry Enterprise server you might have to wipe your device for the Activation to work on Office 365