Other BlackBerry models (wired by admin)

Wired Activation:

Before start make sure you have a full backup of your BB and have your BB connected via USB cable.

1.     Log on to your computer with an administrator account and  OpenInternet Explorer then Tools then Internet Option then Security thenCustom Level

2.     Scroll down to ActiveX controls and plug-ins

3.     Enable All settings under ActiveX controls and plug-ins ( 9 options to be enabled) and then press OK and restart Internet Explorer

4.     log on to Office 365 with  the Administrator account and press Manageon the Authorized Services

5.     Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to a computer that can access the BlackBerry Administration Service.

6.     On the Devices menu, expand Attached devices (restart your computer if the BES ''BlackBerry Administration Service'' console cannot detect your phone and make sure that Blackberry Desktop software is closed )

7.     Click Manage current device

8.     Click Assign current device

9.     Search for a BlackBerry smartphone user account

10.    In the search results, select the display name for a BlackBerry smartphone user account.

11.    Click Associate user

12.    Click Assign current device

13.    The activation will start on the blackberry (Do not unplug your blackberry until the activation is done)

14.     Open Internet Explorer then Tools then Internet Option then Security then Press Default Level to restore Internet Explorer settings