New File Viewers for OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams

OneDrive's vision is to enable you to share and work together on all your files in a simple and secure way, inclusive of your personal files as well as the files you create and manage in shared spaces like SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.  A foundational element to this is providing users with quick and easy access to those files across devices regardless of the file type.

All you need to know about the integration of Microsoft Teams in SharePoint

Keep your team up to date! And do it in a way that’s easy for anyone to consume and stay engaged. With SharePoint pages and news, you create relevant, content-rich announcements and reports that look great on any device and within other applications, including Microsoft Teams, filled with content from inside and outside Office 365. And news articles are available to all team members even if they join the team weeks or months after publication.

Making IT simpler with a modern workplace

There is a simple way to explain one of the biggest threats to any organization’s infrastructure. It’s just one word: complexity.

Complexity is the absolute enemy of security and productivity. The simpler you can make your productivity and security solutions, the easier it will be for IT to manage and secure—making the user experience that much more elegant and useful.

Did you know that Office 365 can replace your telephone system?

In January 2018, Microsoft announced Calling Plans for Canada was in public preview. Today, we are excited to announce the General Availability of Microsoft Calling Plans for Canada. Please contact us for details on purchasing.

All current Calling Plan features will be available to customers including domestic, international, and lower minute plans.

[3/5] – Work smarter, not harder: The Bullet Journal

Real productivity is about more than staying busy. It requires intention and effective follow-through. Likewise, building a successful cloud practice takes great focus and discipline. To help partners help their clients achieve greatness through digital transformation, we’re highlighting a popular productivity method created by designer Ryder Carroll: the Bullet Journal.