Microsoft Education Cloud Solution: End To End Guide For Deployment

2017 has been the year that has seen the various pieces of Microsoft’s Education offerings come together in a more cohesive, end-to-end offering that can now be deployed very easily by schools or their ICT partners.

Naturally, this is centered around Office365 and the power of the Azure cloud identity with Azure Active Directory, combined with the recent Creators Updates in Windows 10 providing a great overall solution for educators and students alike.

OneDrive Files on Demand

We’ll admit, at Cloud-It, we are heavy user of OneDrive. We were a tough pill to swallow when Windows 10 launched and removed the support for OneDrive placeholders that arrived with Windows 8.1. Placeholders allowed you to see your entire OneDrive collection, even if it wasn’t downloaded to your PC, and then if you needed a file, you could double click it to download and open.

Microsoft Teams in Office 365 Education updates rolling out, with more coming soon

Over the course of debuting Microsoft Teams in Office 365 Education, we’ve been privileged to have educators from across the globe join us in creating technology to foster collaborative classrooms and improve student learning outcomes.

Whether it’s through events like Hack the Classroom, or message boards on the Microsoft Educator Community (MEC), or in conversations over social media with our product team members, we’ve been listening to your feedback and incorporating your ideas and diversity of needs into the Teams experience.

What Happens to My Data in Office 365?

With Microsoft, you are the owner of your customer data. We use your customer data only to provide the services we have agreed upon, and for purposes that are compatible with providing those services. We do not share your data with our advertiser-supported services, nor do we mine it for marketing or advertising.

SharePoint Online Planning Guide for Office 365 for business

SharePoint Online is a cloud-based service that helps organizations share and collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers. With SharePoint Online, you can access internal sites, documents, and other information from anywhere—at the office, at home, or from a mobile device.

Top questions to ask your cloud service provider (part 1)

Below are some of the top questions you should be asking your cloud service provider when looking into the cloud for your IT services. As you’ll see, Microsoft Office 365 answers these questions quite nicely.
“Who owns the data stored in the service and will my data be used for advertising on your end?”
With O365, the ownership and control of your data is your own.

Deploy Series: Basic things you need to know about Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a new addition to your Office 365 hub. It’s a solution specifically made for team collaboration. Though it shares some of the functionalities of Yammer and Skype, Teams does a whole lot that makes it a unique, formidable addition to your apps.