Microsoft to update Office Web Apps

When it comes to productivity, there are so many apps and programs out there that it can be confusing as to which are best for your business. One of the more useful productivity platforms is Office 365, Microsoft's cloud based version of Office. With numerous features that make it highly useful for businesses of all sizes, there is one that is often underused - Office Web Apps.

Office Web Apps to get two new features

One of the more popular productivity oriented programs on the market today is Microsoft's Office 365. Based in the cloud, this platform offers business users a way to increase productivity of their whole organization while making communication and sharing easier.

Two new Office Web Apps features

Office 365 is Microsoft's cloud based version of their popular Office software. This pay per-user and month suite provides all users with the productivity software and support they need to operate. While there is a long list of features and programs available to subscribers, one of the more useful is Office Web Apps, for which Microsoft has recently announced some updates that should make it even better.

How to format numbered lists in Word

Lists are important part of any role in any company. Many lists are now composed in a word processor like Microsoft's Word. But have you ever struggled to create a numbered list in Word? Maybe lists start from one each time you enter a new one, or the numbers continue from previous list.

Word tip: Format numbered lists

One of the most important computer programs, aside from the operating system, is the productivity suite, or more specifically: Microsoft Office or Office 365. Of the Office programs, Word is likely the most popular. While it is useful, it's not perfect, especially when formatting documents.

Create better numbered lists in Word

When it comes to creating a document, most business owners and managers will turn to Microsoft Word. While Word is one of the most versatile programs around, it's not perfect. One common issue many struggle with is how to format documents, especially lists.

Using Word to create a presentation

One of the keys to a successful PowerPoint presentation is to have a solid outline from which to build your slides off of. A good outline provides you with a direction and a clear idea on the information you will present. The thing with PowerPoint is that it can be a bit tough to actually create an efficient outline.

Outline your next presentation in Word

Presentations are an integral part of almost any role in business. While the information conveyed in these presentations varies, every presentation follows a general structure. This structure, or outline, can be time consuming to layout in Microsoft's PowerPoint.

PowerPoint tip: Use Word for your slides

It's pretty safe to say that Microsoft Office and Office 365 are the most popular office productivity programs. A word processing document is simply called a Word document and most presentations are simply known as PowerPoints. While these programs are useful, there are so many features that often go unused.

How to modify Excel’s pivot table

When it comes to office software, many managers and business owners would be lost without the spreadsheet. Spreadsheets serve numerous uses and can help most managers track data and information. The most popular spreadsheet program is Excel which has many powerful features like the pivot table; a great way to quickly summarize data.