All you need to know about the integration of Microsoft Teams in SharePoint

All you need to know about the integration of Microsoft Teams in SharePoint

Keep your team up to date! And do it in a way that’s easy for anyone to consume and stay engaged. With SharePoint pages and news, you create relevant, content-rich announcements and reports that look great on any device and within other applications, including Microsoft Teams, filled with content from inside and outside Office 365. And news articles are available to all team members even if they join the team weeks or months after publication.

We are excited to begin rolling out five SharePoint pages and news capabilities across Office 365:

  • Create news from SharePoint home in Office 365
  • Add pages and news as tabs in Microsoft Teams channels
  • Post all your team news into Microsoft Teams automatically
  • Create and send informative email news digests
  • Measure the impact and engagement of your news articles


Create news from SharePoint home in Office 365

There is no better way to create dynamic updates throughout your organization than with SharePoint news. And now you can do it from a more centralized starting point. From the SharePoint home in Office 365, simply click Create news and choose where you wish to publish your news, starting with a list of frequent and followed sites. Once you choose the site, you’re taken directly to the news authoring canvas for that site. Give it a title, add your content from an ever-expanding set of web parts, and start making news!


After clicking "Create news post," you choose where to publish your news.


Note: People will only be able to create news on sites that they can already do so from within the site itself. This is simply a new entry point to make it easier.

Add pages, news articles and lists into Microsoft Teams as unique tabs within channels

Once you’ve created news, now it’s time to share it. And why not target your hub for teamwork – Microsoft Teams – where you and your peers already connect and collaborate. SharePoint is a content service for Microsoft Teams, enabling you to surface content in the context of your work.

It is now possible to use the SharePoint tab to add important pages, news articles and lists as individual tabs in a Microsoft Teams’ channel – in its full fidelity. You can fully interact with the content – including sorting and views for lists, filtering reports within a Power BI web part, and an embedded video from Microsoft Stream.

When you "Add a tab" in Microsoft Teams, choose the SharePoint tab to add a page or news article to your channel.

Simply add a tab, click the SharePoint tab, select your page or news, choose if you want to post to a channel about this tab, and then click Save. One suggestion if your team creates and shares a lot of news, add the News page from the list of available pages from the team site.

An info-rich news article as a tab in Microsoft Teams (in expanded view)


Note: there will be two SharePoint-oriented tabs to choose when adding a tab, one for SharePoint Document libraries and one for SharePoint pages and news. To add a list, simply grab the URL and use the Website tab.

Bring all your team news into Microsoft Teams discussions

For more engagement on each news article, take a simple connect the automatic flow of SharePoint news, directly into the context where your team is chatting. It’s now possible to have each published SharePoint team site news article generate a new discussion thread within a Microsoft Teams channel.

Just add the News connector! Right-click on any Microsoft Teams’ channel, select Connectors, and then add SharePoint News. Now every published news article will spark a conversation.

SharePoint news, the ultimate ice breaker 😉.

Choose the SharePoint News connector for your Microsoft Team channel.

Once connected, each new published news article will start a new thread within the channel conversation.


Create and send informative email news digests

Expand the reach and engagement of your news articles to your peers throughout the company via Outlook. And to keep things concise, combine select news articles into one consolidated, auto-formatted email news digest.


From the full list of news articles on your site, select specific news items, add people or groups on the To: line, add a simple message for context, and click Send. The email will arrive in their inbox with clean previews (image and text) with deep links to the full news articles in SharePoint.

After you select the desired news article for your newsletter, add your recipients and a custom message.

In Outlook, the newsletter retains a clean layout with previews of each article and corresponding image.

Measure the impact and engagement of your pages and news articles

Once your message is out there, you’ll want to track how it’s doing. Like the Site usage page – which gives site owners a view on how their users are interacting with the site, we introduce a similar view at the individual page and news article level.

At the bottom of each SharePoint page or news article you’ll see a row of information that tells you how many people have liked your content, how many left comments and total number of views. When you hover over the liked section, you’ll see a list of colleagues who liked your ideas. And when you click on comments (and you left commenting on), you’ll jump right into the section at the bottom of the page to read feedback and engage with your audience. It, too, is now possible to click the like icon on an individual comment.


Page usage information (Likes, Views and Comments) appear at the bottom of each page or news article.

And if you made it this far…

… look at a few examples of rich news articles created in SharePoint and viewed, shared and commented on from Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Outlook and more.

A SharePoint news article within a team site that is associated to a hub site.

A SharePoint news article within a communication site.