5 things that prove Office 365 is the engine of digital transformation

5 things that prove Office 365 is the engine of digital transformation

Today, we're exploring how Office 365 drives digital transformation for organizations around the world.

With Office 365, Microsoft gives users more control, and essential assets to organizations with the goal of better using data and connecting people to play a more strategic role in the operations of their teams.

The Office 365 suite offers a choice of connected tools that provide users with a new way of working: video conferencing, file collaboration, social media embedding, analytics, and information; These and resources put users in the middle of their working world so that they are able to be productive and collaborative. Using the cloud and based on the pleasing Microsoft technology to handle the changing needs of today's workforce, Office 365 offers companies benefits in terms of quality and secure job management .

The opinion leaders spoke for a dozen years about the meeting of technological solutions with the needs of companies. A variety of strengths were particularly important to drive a new wave of research from this intersection: cloud, mobility, and an extensible platform with APIs for application integration and connectivity, all of which are critical elements of Office 365.

By offering the full set of solutions in the cloud, Microsoft is able to provide Office 365 as a platform with built-in features.

This is an important distinction from other productivity tools that typically function as a set of applications that, even though they can be used through a single account, do not typically integrate features into a seamless experience. And by enabling a unified and consistent user experience across desktops, tablets, and phones, Office 365 users can be productive wherever they work.

Digital transformation has long been a priority and continues to be a key element for long-term growth and maintaining a competitive advantage in a constantly evolving marketplace. Below are five reasons why Office 365 is the best solution for businesses to work, collaborate, and grow.

1) Collaboration with stakeholders

Simple collaboration and support for multiple device types is essential in today's business environments. Each aspect of Office 365 is about collaboration and sharing, and each element contributes to a more connected, unified, and informed user group. Secondary services include SharePoint and OneDrive that support applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other tools. But the ability to share updates, request entries and track changes between different user domains on any device means that there is a fluid and inclusive nature in the way you work.

2) A connected platform

The ease of sharing between users is clearly a major benefit of Office 365, and because of the agile nature of the cloud, it uses an API framework to quickly establish connectivity between and between applications. Typically, this level of collaboration required the deployment and administration of multiple applications, all of which require integration plans and their own level of security.

3) Scalable and profitable

Any organization can purchase and use Office 365 and scale with it as its needs change. On the one hand, Microsoft facilitates adoption and management with a pay-as-you-go model that works for organizations of any size. Because it is in the cloud and comes with APIs to connect to other applications, it can be adopted and customized to fit the infrastructure and business needs of any organization.

4) Full accessibility

Office 365 is designed to complement and support the efforts of today's workforce, which now relies on accessibility beyond the walls of the business to get the job done. Office applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote and others work on smartphones and devices; users can actually make changes and edits online and collaborate in real time with other users. Skype and Outlook groups are tools that allow users to connect, chat, and create workable changes. This allows users with near-universal accessibility to contribute regardless of their geographic location or device.

5) Customizable platform

Because this is a key productivity factor, Office 365 is designed to be widely used in different applications. Organizations can create custom solutions that use Office 365 data and features for their specific needs. An API specifically designed to share data, emails, calendar information, contacts, files and folders allows application developers to connect data via .NET, PHP, Java, Python or Ruby applications. on Rails. platforms.

One of the key features of the API is access to reporting services that provide organizations with essential data about how data is used and about user behavior. This information can be used to create smarter solutions that provide monitoring, analysis, and data visualizations.