8 benefits to work from the Cloud

8 benefits to work from the Cloud

Document Version Errors, Software Compatibility Issues ... With your company's adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) on the cloud, it's now finished with all the hassle of working life !


Read your offline e-mails


No more connection losses! With an online hosted software suite like Microsoft Office 365 that includes Outlook e-mail software, you now have offline support for all your messages. You can access it everywhere, at any time, and whatever the device used: tablet, smartphone or, of course, computer.


Access an old version of a document

Same thing for your documents (text, spreadsheet, presentation, ...) The storage in the Cloud allows you to easily save and share all your files from any of your devices: computer, tablet, smartphone. Once synchronized, your files are thus available even without connection.


Do not lose your files because of an obstructive computer

You remember ? it's not so old ... When you worked on a document and your computer crashed before you saved it. This time is over! Thanks to the Cloud, your documents are instantly synchronized and available on all your devices. No more anguish to lose your job at any time.


To be able to share documents easily

Do you remember that day of client appointment for which everything was ready? If only you had not forgotten your PC or USB key on which all your documents were stored. Same thing at this meeting where you did not have Internet access ... What a hassle then to share your documents with your colleagues! With the cloud, documents can now easily be shared with one or more cloud users. Sharing can also be done externally, with a client for example.


No more obsolete software

Work on software out of age, outdated versions ... It's over! With SaaS, the software update is done automatically. A simplicity of evolution that guarantees to have the latest versions of the software on your different devices. This will also avoid the many compatibility issues.


A new breath for your old computer

Need a surplus of computing power? Out of breath, your PC and your network infrastructure were once very slow. Thanks to the Cloud, you can relocate the processing, momentarily or permanently, and thus benefit from all the computing power made available to you by an external server.


Together facing a problem

No more isolation behind her screen. Thanks to the Cloud, you are never alone again, since you can connect to your colleagues at any time. Thanks to Yammer in particular, the corporate social network included in the Office 365 online suite. Ideal for example to ask a colleague for more information when you are traveling or when you work from home teleworking.

No more excuses to miss an important meeting

Finally, with the Cloud, you will not miss an important meeting because of transport problems or your location. With Skype for Business, you can share your screen with audio and video, create virtual whiteboards, polls or share your notes from your PC, tablet or smartphone. Ideal also for organizing a meeting with colleagues scattered across Canada or elsewhere


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