How Schools are using Microsoft Forms to digitize their classrooms

How Schools are using Microsoft Forms to digitize their classrooms

An incredibly useful tool available in Office 365 Education is Microsoft Forms – a tool created specifically for the classroom. Microsoft Forms is so much more than a user-friendly survey platform, and we’ll be touching on some of its uses in this blog.


Exams and Quizzes

With Microsoft Forms, teachers can easily set up quizzes and exams for their students, be they multiple choice or essay questions. The test itself can be taken by students on any platform, including their own mobile device, and teachers can leave comments on students’ answers once they’ve taken the test! Once the test is over, teachers can look at summary scores (for the overall classroom), or individual scores for specific students (for example, to identify which students might need more help with their subject, or to track the growth or lack thereof of certain students).


Practice Problems and Reviews

Similar to quizzes and exams, teachers can set up practice problems and reviews in Forms for students to take throughout the semester or school year. Students can even have the option to ask their peers questions through the platform and do a peer-to-peer learning experience, or even submit a question to their teacher for feedback on their understanding.


Teacher Evaluations

In many schools, the students evaluate the course and the teacher at the end of the semester or school year. This is usually a process that involves printing multiple sheets of paper and can be very tedious. With Microsoft Forms, you can digitize this evaluation and have students complete it on their device, either inside or outside the classroom. The responses can then be compiled and extracted to an Excel file for easy viewing. This process is much less arduous and saves a lot of time and paper.


Without a doubt, with all sorts of industries moving to a more digital front, the education system can only benefit from doing the same. Office 365 Education is a step in the right direction, especially since Microsoft Forms helps classrooms achieve a lot while cutting costs and saving time. As always, should you have any questions on Microsoft Forms or the advantages that Office 365 brings to the classroom, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a message. That’s what we’re here for:

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