Skype vs Yammer vs Microsoft Teams

Skype vs Yammer vs Microsoft Teams

Skype, Yammer, and Microsoft Teams are 3 tools available within Office 365 that are used daily for communication and collaboration within teams and groups. Though they have similar functions, each one of these tools has their own advantages, and optimal scenarios for use. With that in mind, it can be confusing or difficult to choose the right tool for the specific task you wish to accomplish. In this blog, we’ll be discussing each tool individually and going over when to use which.


Skype is a nifty tool, specifically as it relates to real-time chat and video conferencing. With this tool, you can easily have a 1-to-1 call, or even a 1-to-many scenario. It was made for quick communication, which makes it ideal in many scenarios. One particular case where you would use Skype would be to do a webinar. Since Skype enables you to have a 1-to-many conference, with live chat feeds that you can refer to (for example, to answer your audience’s questions in real-time).


When you think Yammer, you should think forum. Unlike Skype, the communication doesn’t occur in real time. Instead, Yammer is more like a community where you can, for example, ask a question at large and receive answers from a vast number of people. It is useful for sharing information within large groups of people who might have different availabilities and are not free for a Skype call when you are. For example, if you were working on a project for a client and needed guidance from your IT department, you could use Yammer to ask an open question to the whole department and get multiple answers, thus allowing you to better execute your project.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a hybrid between Skype and Yammer. In Teams, not only can you have chats and ask questions to multiple people at a time, you can also share files and have video conferences with your specific Teams. It’s a great tool to keep track of everyone in your Team’s status updates, and is especially useful when needing to communicate for collaborative purposes. The ideal time to use Microsoft Teams would be for synching up with your Teams and making sure everyone is up to date through an ongoing conversation.


This blog scratched the surface of what can be done with each specific tool, be it Skype, Yammer, or Microsoft Teams. All 3 of these Office 365 tools have a lot more to offer, and we’ll be touching on each one specifically in their individual blogs, so stay tuned for those! If you have any specific questions or can’t wait for our upcoming blogs on each tool, feel free to call us or shoot us a message. We’re happy to help:

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